Hightec Industry 4.0

The company was founded in 1989 by three founding partners who , despite his young age , they already had a good experience in the field of process control and supervision , having already designed, built and operated in large installations with advanced technology .
As of now the company has been proposed as a software house can provide solutions for all needs were presented making the software for both PLC and PC . The pride of a company like ours is to operate on the market for over twenty years with the company structure virtually unchanged and above all always with the same goals : this ensures continuity of service and assistance . In these years we have made ​​, always in the industrial automation and process control , disparate applications and with the years also the tools that were used have evolved …

Currently, the company consists of 6 units all graduates or graduates among which are the two founders.

The decision to keep the company in small size allows members to continue to work productively on the inside and at the same time allows customers to treat, both during the commercial approach that during the technical development of the project , with people proven technical ability .
The field of action is specifically that of industrial automation , process control , and in general of all systems of tracking data and logistics that modern industrial demand , with the guarantee of the assistance of the achievements of our company or by third parties .


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