HIGHTEC The company was created in 1989 by the three founding partners who, despite their young age, already had extensive experience in the automation industry and in process and supervision control, having already designed, built and commissioned large installations with advanced technology.

From the start the company presented itself as a software house, capable of providing solutions for all needs requested, creating software for both PLC and PC.

The pride of a company like ours is that it has been operating on the market for over twenty years, with the company structure virtually unchanged and, above all, always with the same objectives: this ensures continuity of service and assistance.

Over the years we have created, also in the industrial automation and process control sector, the most diverse applications and throughout the years the tools that were used have also greatly evolved.

We have gone from programming slow and complicated PLCs such as the SIMATIC S5 to fast and flexible PLCs such as the SIMATIC S7, equipped with next generation CPUs.

Even man-machine interfaces have undergone a major evolution and, those that were once simple supervision systems created with BASIC software, have become complete systems capable of controlling entire plants, designed with the most advanced Microsoft systems (Visual Basic, Dot Net, SQL Server etc.) or with specialised SCADA automation and process packages.

This evolution took place during our activities and this has meant that our field of action is not only based on the creation of new solutions, but also on support, development, updating or replacement of plant installed previously with tools which are now unknown to many.

All this without forgetting the continuous updates on new systems, which involves constant investment to develop new products and studying new solutions in an ever-changing market, where companies are born and die within a few years, leading to a decline in professionalism and with issues related to after-sales support.

Every year our company, as well as investing in equipment (PCs, development software packages, software libraries), also invests more than 1000 hours in courses, tests with sheets on different applications, creation of experimental software, in order to always be ready to offer cutting edge solutions to its customers.

Over the years we have also expanded our operating range, especially trying to fill in the voids in the intermediate areas, where it is often impossible to make production departments interact with the management departments within the same company. We are also specialised in providing solutions that include the entire production range (machinery with PLCs, CNCs, etc.) and that integrate with the management departments of companies (even existing), in order to meet the demands of the various planning, quality control and cost accounting managers.